Where Christmas Is Found
Season One, Episode Twelve
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Where Christmas Is Found is the twelfth chapter of the Glee Fanfiction, Don't Stop Believin'.


It's finally Christmas at Lima. With Regionals approaching, the New Directions thought of 'caroling' again around the school to raise some funds for their trip and costumes. They also thought of having a 'mini Christmas Party' at Kitty's house for the Christmas countdown. Greg and Kylene is finally a thing, Tim expresses his feelings for Kitty. 

Franklin begins his rivarly with Cole.

In New York, Blaine finally arrives at the 'HummelBerryPez/Hudson' apartment and have a sincere moment with Kurt before midnight. Santana will bring her new girlfriend, Dani to the apartment to join the celebration. Rachel and Finn talks about their baby's name and their future.


Grace: You guys are both sweet. I just can't make up my mind. (leaves)
Cole: Listen Franklin. I wanna say this as nice as I can: BACK THE FUCK OFF!
Franklin: Oh so that's what nice means really smart Cole. Note the sarcasm Cole you're really dumb as Patrick Star. Face it, I'll get Grace under a mistletoe and you'll get a laptop from your mum and watch Christmas-themed internet porn. ALONE
Cole: What if I told you I like Grace and she likes me back?
Franklin: What if I accidentally slap the stupid out of you and you end up in a coma?

Unique: I'm not sure with this whole caroling thing guys. I still wanna live.
Kitty: We don't have much of a choice. We need money for costumes and transportations
Kylene: But we should think of other ideas to earn money during Christmas season. What do you think Franklin?
Franklin: Well I could be a sexy Santa
Unique: YES! That is genius
Franklin: Wait. No Unique. I was kidding
Kitty: No it's perfect! Just look at yourself. You're British, you rap Nicki Minaj and you have a killer ass
Kylene: You're perfect for the job! Please we need money and by 'we' I meant the Glee club. Do this for the club? (Kylene gives Franklin a puppy dog face)


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
All I Want For Christmas Is You Mariah Carey Finn Hudson, Rachel Berry, Blaine Anderson, Dani, Santana Lopez and Kurt Hummel
Have Yourself a Merry Christmas Frank Sinatra Gregory Hanford and Kylene Puckerman
Christmas Tree Lady Gaga feat. Space Cowboy New Directions Girls
Jingle Bells James Pierpont New Directions Boys
Merry Christmas Darling The Carpenters Kylene Puckerman
Joy to the World Traditional New Directions