Kimberly Berry
General Information
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 15
Aliases: Kimmy (Leroy and Hiram Berry)
Family & Friends
Family: Leroy Berry and Hiram Berry (Adoptive Fathers)

Rachel Berry(Half sister)

Friends: Rachel Berry
Other Information
Interests: Singing

Composing songs

Education: William McKinley High School
Series Information
First appearance: Auditions
Portrayer: Vanessa Hudgens
Kimberly Berry is a recurring character on the second book of the DSB series, "Senior Year".

She is portrayed by Vanessa Hudgens.


According to the people who took care of Kimberly, she is a sweet and friendly person who likes to sit in one corner with her guitar and music notebook with her. She is said to have this diva-ish attitude whenever you allowed her to sing. 


Kimberly is an orphan for almost 14 years until Leroy and Hiram Berry adopted her. She said that her biological parents never wanted her in the first place that's why they threw her in the orphanage. She is said to have other relatives and siblings but Kimberly doesn't have any time to find them. She is the half-sister of Rachel Berry.



Song Title Original Artist Chapter
Turning Tables Adele Auditions