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Season Two, Episode Eighteen
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"Showdown at Regionals"
"New York Drama"
Aftermath is the eighteenth chapter of Senior Year and the forty-eighth chapter overall.


After the New Directions' win at Regionals, Sue, Shelby and April had a feud about what happened at Regionals. Then after their little feud, Sue officially disbanded the Troubletones and their leads (Louis and Peter) aren't allowed to rejoin the New Directions until Sue said so. Kylene gets ready for her final NYADA audition. Cole's back at McKinley to visit Grace.

In California, Marley is still adjusting to the life in California and adjusting to the life of being a movie star.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Marilyn Monroe Nicki Minaj Kylene Puckerman
Shouldn't Come Back Demi Lovato Grace Mitchell
Make No Mistake (She's Mine) Barbra Streisand and Kim Carnes

Louis Rose and Cole St. Clair

Ryder Rej Marley Rose